Leo's very first Award! We are so proud to get this! Thank you Dominoe Kitt'ee and Lynn 3/19/00

This is one great web site be sure and check it out

Thank you Pyewacket,

Christopher, and Hopscotch

(Boat sends her love to Christopher)

This is one special award.
Thank you
Dog and Terry

Thanks so much Mony

This is another Dog
the cat's award.
Too Great for words!

How cool is this?
Leo's first
International Award!

This nice surprise
just showed up and
we are very proud of it!!!!

You have to visit this site
to truly understand what the
Jell-o award is all about

This special award means so much to Leo and his mom!

What a great surprise. This is one regal cat!

Thank you so much Levi & Dusty!!!!!

Leo is so thrilled to be one of the
black lovable and cute Kats!!!!!!
Thank you so much
Calvin and Sabrina

Thank you so much
Kathi, Spyder & MGD

If you believe in miracles, go see Tigger