It is with a heavy heart and indescribable sadness that I announce that Jago lost a courageous fight with cancer this year.

I will miss him so much.

I will be updating his pages when my heart is ready to tackle it, but for now, Jago's message of good ownership and breeding remains true. So please take the time to read Jago's pages so that his message can live on.

Hello, My Name Is Jago.
For formal purposes that would be:

Ebonstern Jago Von Bron

I am sad to say, that while I am a member of a very noble and honorable breed of dog, Our breed has been abused, misused and misbred by the some not so nice or misinformed people. Some of my fellow Rottweilers are being used for purposes that we are not proud of, nor did we choose. If you are thinking of purchasing a Rottweiler, may I ask you to please contact my mom

I am famous!!!
Check out the ad using my picture

An important person in my life is my 12 year old "kid" J.D.   It has been said that I am a handful to show so we decided that it might be best that J.D. show something a bit more his size.   Jo Lynne York who is a very good friend to J.D. (and his family) let him show her Whippet, Lir, at his first fun match.  To see a picture of where it all starts go see
J.D. and Lir at the Fun Match

All Show Photos of Jago were taken by Luke Allen Photography

To see "Sis" :
Ebonstern Jem Von Bron

A tribute to my Mom's first Rottweiler
(and my Great-Uncle):

Ebonstern Maverick Von Musquaw CD


First consider a rescue.  For more information please visit:




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