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I wonder where you are my friend
My sweet short legged Joy.
I pray that you are warm my friend
Curled up with ball or toy.

Oh God, I know my heart will break,
I know this hurt won't mend.
A pain that cuts right to the quick
My little girl, my friend.

I can't seem to remove your bowl,
Or your toys or your bed.
And while I feel you in my soul,
I want to hold you instead.

I cannot give you up just yet,
To see you just once more.
To say some things I left not said,
That I forgot before.

If you're here on this earthly world,
I hope your new mom is kind.
And she knows you like to explore,
But won't be left behind.

If you've gone to Heavenly light,
Then God gave you your wings.
Halo to match, not set just right,
And herding Angels as they sing.

Vonnie Matheny 12/24/96

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