From Leo

Leo had been abused when we found him 2/2/00.
The following picture (2/5/00) shows some of the marks on him after being cleaned up and fed a few days.This is his story:

On February 2, 2000, my son came in the house very upset. He started to drag me out the door while explaining that there was a cat that we just had to help. I followed him to a mangy looking creature with huge gouges on his head, burrs in his coat and a few big bald bloody spots on his body. My first thought was for the safety of my other cat's health but, when I saw him lift his head to touch it to my son's hand, I knew that I would have to do something. I bent down to pick up the sad looking cat. He melted against my chest and mewed softly. I carried him to the house, doctored his owies and cleaned him up a bit. He began to look more like a cat than a refugee. After some water, some food and a long nap, he went to the door and began to meow. I let him out even though we worried about him all night and all the next day.

The next evening about the same time as the previous meeting, he showed up at the gate . We again fed, doctored and gave him a nice place to nap. Like the night before, he let us know when he was ready to go "home".

The injuries began to heal and we began to become attached to this sweet cat. Every time the cat visited he stayed longer and the visits became more frequent throughout the day.

On February 6, 2000 I decided that Leo needed a home. (our home) We had already spent quite a bit of time trying to locate his owner or any information we could come up with.

We discovered where he had been living a field in a bush. We also learned from some kids where the gouges came from. A man was seen hitting the cat with a stick. He stated that he gave the cat to his girlfriend who just left saying she hated the both of them. It would appear that the man was going to "get even" by killing the cat. Fortunately Leo got away before the man killed him. When we decided to share our home with Leo, I immediately made an appointment with the vet to not only have him checked over and immunized, but also so importantly to have him neutered. Thanks to the carelessness of humans, there are so many unwanted homeless. With Leo inside and neutered, he will not be part of the problem.

Although I thought we were rescuing Leo, I soon figured out what being a "rescue kitty" really means. When we found Leo, my son and I were getting used to the idea of us both dealing with a single parent home situation. We both needed a little extra love in our lives and Leo is a special gift. Leo has truely rescued both my son and myself from some real despair.

Leo now with JD 3/25/00

My dearest friend in the world, Cindy, tells the story of why Leo came to live with us. I call it:

"Leo's conversation with God"

Some greater force said, "Oh for pete's sake, we gotta get this woman something to care for and something that needs her. Hey, you! Yeah, you! Cat outside in the bushes! I've hated watching that lousy excuse for a human being that owns you beat the crap out of you. We have to get you out of there. Listen, I have the perfect place for you. Not only is there a wonderful, kind lady who is also in pain, just waiting for you to find her, there's a wonderful kid too, who also needs you. Now here's what you're gonna do...." And before you knew it, the three of you are a family and you are healing and nurturing each other.

Leo asks you to please visit Boat's page so she won't be a crabby tabby

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